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Transparency Information

Price Transparency Policy Statement

We will provide you with a quotation for any work we provide as a BSB entity. There are various pricing models used for legal services that we provide:

  • A fixed fee

  • A fixed fee divided between members of the same group in a group litigation

  • An hourly rate

  • A conditional fee arrangement ("CFA") 

The basic types of CFA we use are:

  • ‘no win no fee’ agreements – The barrister will only be paid if the action ends in success as defined by the agreement but if it does he will be entitled to be paid an uplift; and

  • ‘no win low fee’ agreements – The barrister will be paid at a ‘reduced rate’ which is a proportion of his ‘base rate’ in any event, but, if the action ends in success he will be entitled to be paid at his normal full rate and to an uplift.

More information about each of the models that we offer is available when you contact us.

Hourly rates (if used) vary according to who is working on your matter between £225-£350.00 per hour.

We may charge fixed fees instead of or in addition to our hourly rates. A fixed fee means that we will charge you a set amount of money for the work. Our fixed fees depend upon the complexity of the matter and the seniority of the barristers involved. Where possible for work that is not litigation (such as advice or drafting a contract) we will provide a fixed fee. Chronologically, fixed fees at each stage of litigation can be found in the following document:


Not every matter is suitable for a Conditional Fee Arrangement. If it is, we will explain how this operates in your case and you can decide whether to proceed.

There may well be additional fees incurred in addition to the above quotations as we may seek an estimate or budget figure for fees which is not a fixed fee or quotation, but our best estimate, at the time, of the likely cost of a matter being charged upon a time basis, usually based on comparable cases. For more information on court fees see:

Our final costs may be higher or lower than our estimate, and we may charge you for fees in excess of our original estimate if, for instance, if we are asked to accept instructions at short notice (in which case a quotation will be provided as soon as reasonably practicable after accepting instructions), there is excess work in addition to the agreed amount or for the payment of court fees.

All the quotations above do not include VAT.

For a quotation, please contact the Clerks by email:  or by telephoning 0330 111 2874. Unless our barristers are charging fixed fees or a fixed hourly rate, you are invited to discuss the level of your fees with us in terms of your particular case and personal circumstances.


There are many risks associated with litigation. Foremost amongst these is the risk that you may be ordered to pay the whole or some part of your opponent’s costs. It is not always possible to control effectively the amount of costs which your opponent incurs, so it is possible that even though your costs are relatively modest your opponent’s will not be. This may come as a particularly heavy blow because you will already have incurred your own costs in the litigation and will also probably have lost your case.

Given these risks, it is generally wise at least to consider the possibility of insuring against them. This form of insurance is known as, ‘after the event insurance’ or ‘ATE’. Some ATE insurers are also willing to assist their policyholders with the payment of issue fees and other litigation expenses and offer premiums which are payable only in the event of success.

After the Event Insurance policies normally cover the legal costs which a Claimant must pay to a defendant when a claim is unsuccessful – when the claim is either lost at trial, or abandoned/settled after the defendant has incurred costs which the claimant is liable to pay. Some policies will cover disbursements such as court fees. ATE insurance is commonly used in combination with other financing options. Policies can be tailored to meet your specific needs with an appropriate limits, staged cover and premiums and agreed triggers for the policy.

Similar to success fees under CFAs, since 2013, the premium payable in respect of ATE insurance is not recoverable from the losing party. Further, as an ATE policy is, at its core, an insurance product, cover should be arranged through an authorised broker. Through our network of market contacts, we can put you in touch with a broker for the arrangement of cover for the group.

Policies of home insurance and others often include some cover in respect of legal expenses. So, it is important to check whether you might possibly be covered for the whole or some part at least of your legal expenses. It is also worth noting that whilst legal expenses insurers are entitled to insist that you instruct their nominated firms before proceedings are issued, once they have been issued you are free to instruct whoever you wish.

You may also be entitled to assistance with legal fees through your Union or professional body.

It may be the case that legal insurance may be necessary in your case. For more information about legal insurance please see:


Contract Law Chambers Limited is a company registered for VAT which is payable on all fees. Our VAT number is 11731075.



We aim to keep a robust timescale in the provision of our legal services which will naturally depend on the circumstances of the case. We will explain how long your matter will take. For example, a contract may be drafted within 2 weeks of instruction. A straightforward case will tend to have a hearing date typically up to 18-24 months of a claim being made. This does not include possible appeals. These timescales may well vary and are influenced by:

  • Availability of our personnel

  • Whether the matter is urgent

  • The type and complexity of the case

  • The other side’s approach to litigation

  • Court waiting times

  • The need for additional documents

How to Instruct Us

If you are thinking of instructing us, please contact the Clerks by email: or by telephoning 0330 111 2874. 

Try to clarify the nature of your problem and what it is that you want one of our barristers to do. Please contact the clerks and tell them that you wish to instruct a barrister directly. They will be happy to help. There is no fee for the first telephone call, and it will help you understand what can be done and how much it will costs, as well as the timescales for completing the work.

Fact Sheet

All of this information is also available in a Fact Sheet in writing or audio format upon request by telephoning Chambers on 0330 111 2874 or by email at


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