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Competition Law

CLC’s In-House Counsel Service supports businesses in negotiating and drafting distribution and franchising agreements, information sharing and joint ventures as well as other vertical and horizontal sales’ systems.


CLC is regularly instructed to review agreements for competition law consequences and to audit enforceability of restrictive trading practices by reference to the guidance in retained EU Law and by decisions of the CMA.


Its members have been involved in leading cases concerning beer and petrol tying arrangements and have made representations to both the EU Commissions and the CMA.


CLC is involved with teams of lawyers from China and India in litigating a significant anti-dumping case in a manufacturing and aviation sector to prevent the imposition of UK custom tariffs based upon Regulation 2016/1036 and WTO Anti-Dumping Agreement.


The protection of intellectual property rights is paramount to business or individual. CLC reviews and drafts contracts and clauses for both suppliers licensing their IPR and purchasers wishing to acquire IPR. Our In-house Counsel Service supports businesses in automotive, manufacturing and technology, engineering and design, the performing arts, television and broadcasting in the registration and licensing of their copyright, trademarks, patents and know-how.


CLC is regularly instructed to advise upon and formulate injunctive relief proceedings and its members have appeared in applications for search and seizure orders.

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