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In-House Counsel 

Conducting Your Case

We are BSB entity which means that we are a law firm regulated by the BSB, so if you are a business or individual, CLC offers legal services including correspondence, advice, service of proceedings, advocacy, and conducting your litigation, without a solicitor.

For more details of what this entails please click here.

Our Bespoke In-House Counsel Service

CLC provides a dedicated out-sourced legal service for businesses who require legal assistance, and advice from time to time, but do not wish to incur the expense of a full-time lawyer.

CLC’s members have experience as in-house counsel and are well place to provide commercial law advice, data protection, contract review and negotiation, employment law, competition, Brexit, the protection of intellectual property, regulatory and compliance as well as dispute resolution.

By using its links with other specialists CLC has delivered cost-effective solutions in tax, patents and trademarks, financial regulation, white collar crime as well as insolvency and acquisitions.

Use of this service enables our clients to build up a relationship with CLC and to benefit from an advantageous fee structure.  As “in-house counsel” in a business CLC can make use of its insight into the business to provide consistent and tailored solutions as well as preventative steps to manage risks more effectively.

Many of CLC’s In-house Counsel clients have been such for over 15 years, while others have gone on to grow their demand for legal services to the point of recruiting a full-time lawyer.

To find out about the In-house Counsel Service, its operation and fee structure, please contact the clerks on 0330 111 2874 or on


If you have landed here as an in-house counsel yourself, we are always delighted to partner with lawyers in industry in providing advice and litigation support.

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